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To learn more about the Oregon Shipping Group project for an intermodal facility to be located in Brooks, click on the logo to the left or here: www.portofwillamette.com

The Oregon Shipping Group is an advocacy organization which supports the revitalization and development of road, rail, and marine shipping systems and capabilities in Oregon to move freight into, through, and out of Oregon. Such shipping systems must be reliable, predictable, cost-efficient, safe, and environmentally sensitive. New and expanded shipping systems should reduce the carbon footprint of shipping activity, reduce road traffic congestion, and enhance road safety, while at the same time helping Oregon businesses to be cost-competitive.


The goal is to realize Oregon’s unique geographic qualities as a West Coast state with a highly productive agricultural capability, significant manufacturing potential, and strong short line and long line railroad connections to the North, South, and East.


One key effort is the development of new container shipping services for Oregon, with service which is reliable, predictable, and cost-effective.


Other major efforts involve proposals to extend and develop Oregon’s shipping

capabilities, including repair, improvement and connection of rail lines; expanding deep-water port capabilities in the Coos Bay area as well as in the Astoria area; establishing an intermodal and transload facility in the Mid-Willamette Valley; helping improve the insurance, driver age, and driver education systems to enhance the capability of the trucking industry; and supporting port enhancements along the Columbia River and at Newport.


Our stakeholders are farms and businesses which have made contributions to support our work.


This is in terms of financial contributions as well as providing information regarding shipping infrastructure needs.



We are currently seeking input and funds to support this project. 


For further information on how to help support this project or to donate, please contact us via e-mail or phone by clicking the contact button at the top of this page.



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